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Spiritual Growth Counseling in
Fort Worth, TX

Spiritual Growth Counseling in Fort Worth

Counseling for Spiritual Growth in Fort Worth, TX

Many people come to counseling for things related to anxiety, addiction, depression, relationship struggles and the like. Maybe you feel stagnant in your faith. We recognize that there is a spiritual growth component to counseling. For example, many clients often ask for spiritual growth alongside anxiety and relational help. As Christian therapists, we see the value in helping clients with mental health struggles practically live out his or her God-given design. This may look different for one struggling with trauma than one struggling with parenting. We offer Christian Counseling in Fort Worth for individuals, marriages, and families who are desiring spiritual growth.

Individual Counseling for Spiritual Growth may focus on your story, the influences throughout your life, processing the connections (and disconnections) between you and God, and practically help you live out of your identity, being loved by God.

Marriage Counseling for Spiritual Growth may look at learning to be a helper from one spouse to the other. We counsel a biblical foundation of love, communication, forgiveness, and trust.

Family Counseling for Spiritual Growth may engage members with biblical relational strategies, developing trust, and working through conflict. Our hope is your family experiences a renewed joy, supporting each other throughout the counseling process.

Clouds showing text on top of symptoms
  • Struggling with fear

  • Feeling like you need to be good enough for God

  • Does God love me?

  • Struggling with Your Identity

  • Spiritual burnout

  • Desiring to know God

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Common Symptoms and Desires for Those Struggling with Spiritual Growth


Joel Peterson, Brian Dunn, Sherena Holmes, and  Crystal Shi specialize in helping clients who desire Spiritual Growth. Click the schedule button at the top of the page to begin the counseling process.

Helpful and Encouraging Blog Posts

Did you know that God first loved you and continues to do this? We have written a helpful and encouraging blog post on the design to be loved by God.   

God never says "I forgive you again." He only says, "I forgive you." This blog post shows how God responds to you no matter how many times you keep doing that one sin. Be encouraged, Fort Worth!

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Resources for Spiritual Growth

counseling resources for spiritual growth

There are many good books and short-reads on Spiritual Growth. Here is a list of resources that provide some insight and hopefully some support. 

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Gospel in Life Study Guide: Grace Changes Everything by Timothy Keller

Keller is a pastor, excellent teacher, commentator, and practical theologian. This study provides a look at multiple facets of the Christian life and how the good news of Jesus Christ changes everything. 


Speaking Truth in Love: Counsel in Community by David Powlison

The late David Powlison was a leading Christian Counselor and educator. This resource is one of his greatest. He focuses on the practical experience of Christians in relationship with each other.   


The Whole Life: 52 weeks of Biblical Self-Care by Eliza Huie and Esther Smith

Eliza is a leading female Christian counselor, conference speaker, and educator. This book covers practical biblical strategies for health, faith, work, pray, and rest. This is a great book for those experiencing burnout and the like.

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