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Grief Counseling in 
Fort Worth, TX

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Providing Grief Counseling in Fort Worth, TX

Our firm provides grief counseling in Fort Worth, Texas from a Christian perspective. We understand loss feels unbearable. Usually the help of a close friend or family member can be greatly comforting. Relationships are very important when one is grieving. You may be grieving over the loss of a loved one, recent or years ago. You may feel bouts of anger, regret, sadness, discouragement, and more. Usually you feel the weight of each and sometimes more than one at a time. You may go in-and-out of sadness with anger, discouragement and regret, and vice-a-versa. 

Individual Counseling for grief may look at patterns of isolation, remembering the loved one, learning to love, and encouragement from the Bible.

Marriage Counseling for grief may help with learning to relate to your spouse with empathy, engaging local community, remembrance, and encouragement from the Bible.

Family Counseling for grief may help with isolating behaviors of family members, suppression and regulation of emotions, empathy, and encouragement from the Bible

counseling for grief in fort worth

Common symptoms for those struggling with grief


  • Isolation from relationships

  • Deep sadness

  • Feels wrong to love again

  • “I hate that I can’t get over this.”

  • Emotionally on edge

  • Purposelessness

Symptoms of Grief


Crystal Shi, Joel Peterson and Sherena Holmes specialize in helping those with grief issues. Click the schedule button to begin the counseling process.

Helpful Blog Posts 

Our team has written many helpful blog posts designed to encourage you in your life. One of the common emotions people experience is sadness. Check out our short read on dealing with sadness

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Resources and Helps for Grief

Counseling Resources for Grief

There are many good books and short-reads out there on grief. Here is a list of resources that provide some insight and hopefully some help for you from a christian perspective. 


A Small Book for the Hurting Heart: Meditations on Loss, Grief, and Healing by Paul Tauges

Paul takes the reader through 50 daily devotionals, allowing one to slow down, meditate, and respond.


On Death by Timothy Keller

Keller offers the reader a short read, helping with death through envisioning and understanding life.

Shattered Dreams: God's Unexpected Path to Joy by Larry Crabb

Crabb shares how new dreams can come about from shattered ones. He uses the biblical book of Ruth and Naomi to God's path to joy.

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