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Faith-Based Therapy for
Individuals, Couples, and

Picture of downtown Fort Worth by our counseling office

We are proud to serve Fort Worth and surrounding communities with Christian Counseling. 

About Faith-Based therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

We engage the individual, couple, or family holistically. Our firm also offers group therapy.  In order to connect emotional, mental, and spiritual health, we carefully look at desires, behaviors, thoughts, situations, relationships, emotions, and beliefs. We do our best at being careful surgeons of you and your experiences, as well as being careful surgeons of God and his design for life.

Through the counseling process we uncover triggers and  causes of your experiences, learn new ways to respond or view your life, and engage God. Our blog shows examples of our approach in many of the short reads. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

Please visit our professional counselors team page to learn more about each of our clinicians, their therapy background in Fort Worth, and professional education.

Click the button for our Counseling Faqs as well as our Fees.

Fort Worth
and Therapists in the Community

We are happy to come alongside, partnering as a resource to local organizations, non-profits, churches, schools, businesses, and other counseling centers in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. If you represent or serve with one of these, we would love to chat and build a working relationship with you. Thank you for serving Cowtown.

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