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Anger Management and Counseling in Fort Worth


How Anger management and Counseling Can Help You

Anger seems to be something we all struggle with. Counseling will help uncover roots as well as carefully navigate the things, people, and/or experiences that often trigger us. Usually bitterness, resentment, and frustration tag along. Cowtown will help you experience change in these things. We provide anger management and Christian counseling in Fort Worth for Individuals, marriages, and families who struggle with anger.

Individual counseling for anger might work through issues of bitterness and resentment  towards a friend, workplace employer or employee, and family of origin. We also might help you with anger towards God and the Church.

Marriage Counseling for anger might work through deep and long held resentments of your spouse. Often forgiveness is part of the counseling process.

Family Counseling for anger may work through current patterns of conflict or conflict aversion with each other.

Fort Worth Counseling for Anger Symptoms

Common Symptoms for those struggling with Anger


  • Being close to people but not feeling close to people

  • Self-protection from family and friends

  • Frustrated that people “Just don’t get it.” 

  • Struggle to forgive

  • Belief that life is primarily about surviving, not thriving.

Symptoms of Anger


Brian Dunn, Joel Peterson and Celina Stelly are anger management  therapists in our Fort Worth office. Click the schedule button to begin the counseling process.

Blog Posts and Short Reads 

Our team of counselors have written blog posts and shorts reads on Anger. Sometimes forgiveness is hard. You ever wonder how God forgives people? Check out our post on anger and forgiveness.

Someone has wronged you. Now what? Read our short blog post talking about the ways we tend to respond when hurt. We hope you are encouraged. 

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Resources and Helps for Anger

Counseling Resources for Anger

There are many good books and short-reads out there on anger. Here is a list of resources that provide some insight and hopefully some help for you from a christian perspective. 


       Good and Angry by David Powlison   Powlison offers a very helpful christian perspective on anger, carefully looking          at the human experience of anger as well as God’s perspective. 


      A Small Book about a BIG Problem by Ed Welch  Welch is a seasoned biblical counselor and writer. This short-read            offers the reader a 50 day devotional over anger, peace, and the like. 


      The Heart of Anger: How the Bible Transforms Anger in Our Understanding and Experiences by Christopher Ash and Steve           Midgley These two authors offer a Christ-centered approach to anger, engaging the reader with practical steps as           well. 


      How to Be Free From Bitterness by Jim Wilson

      In this short read Wilson offers very helpful counsel on bitterness, how it affects you and your relationship with           loved ones, and practical help on what to do next.

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