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Counseling For Parents in Fort Worth

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How Parent Counseling Helps

Parenting is difficult. Whether you are struggling as a new parent, seasoned parent, with young children (5+) or adult children, we can help. You might find yourself getting easily angered at your children. Maybe you have turned into your parents, hoping you never would! Parenting is difficult to say the least. We can help you with Christian counseling in Fort Worth for individuals, marriages, and families with many parenting struggles.

Individual counseling for a parent may look at her parenting influences growing up, beliefs about good and bad parenting, single parenting difficulties, encouraging new skills and beliefs, and biblical encouragement.

Marriage counseling for parents may focus on the importance of spousal intimacy, parenting as one, beliefs about good and bad parenting, skills, and biblical encouragement.

Family counseling for parents may focus on the importance of establishing relationships with their children and being an example of both truth and grace.

Parenting counseling in Fort Worth

Common symptoms for those struggling with parenting


  • Children seem to be isolating in their rooms

  • Parent feeling worn out and confused on what to do next

  • Fear and Anxiety as children move into adulthood

  • Easily angered over child decision making

  • Blended family struggles

  • Addiction issues with both minor and adult children

Symptoms of Difficult Parenting


Brian Dunn, Crystal Shi, Joel Peterson , and Emily Cinque specialize in helping those with Parenting issues. Click the schedule button to begin the counseling process.

Blog Post on Christian Parenting 

We have written many blog posts on navigating relationships in your life. In regards to parenting, you may be a positive or negative influence on your children. Check out our short blog post on being an example of a Christian parent

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Resources and Helps for Parenting

Counseling Resources for Parenting

There are many good books and short-reads out there on Parenting. Here is a list of resources that provide some insight and hopefully some help for you from a christian perspective. 


Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick

Elyse is one of the top biblical counselors for women as well as parents. She helps the reader connect the gospel to everyday parenting issues. 


Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Tripp does a great job at helping the Christian parent look at the heart and not just the behavior. 


Childproof: Parenting by Faith not Formula by Julie Lowe

Julie is an excellent biblical counselor and a top educator in Christian parenting.

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