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What is Christian Counseling?

Illustration of what is Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling engages people and God. Faith-Based Therapists will carefully respond to your experiences and function out of a biblical psychology of care.

person sitting learning christian counseling

Christian Counseling Engages the whole person

  • Desires              

    • Desires are what you love, hate, and often the things that motivate you​​​.

  • Emotions

    • Emotions are what you feel. Sometimes these feel painful and random. Often they point to the things you experience that are most affective to you.

  • Thoughts

    • Thoughts are the way you make sense of things. Sometime these can feel like they determine reality, whether positively or negatively. 

  • Behaviors

    • Behaviors are the things that you do, the things that are tangible. Behaviors are important because they may show how you are dealing with your experiences. 

  • Beliefs

    • Beliefs are how you define your experiences with meaning and purpose. These also are important in how you see yourself, God, and others. 

  • Relationships

    • Relationships tend to influence the highs and lows of life. God made people to be in relationship with each other and with Him.

  • Situations

    • Situations are the different contexts you have been a part of. These are influential in that they are often triggers for different stressors you might experience.  

counseling with the bible open

Christian Counseling
Engages the Bible

The Bible is very helpful for understanding the nature of people, relationships, sin and suffering. Christian counseling recognizes that not everything you go through is because of personal sin. Sometimes you are struggling because of suffering. We are sensitive and careful with both of these. We believe Christian counseling is not read a verse and you will be ok! A faith-based therapist is helpful for individual, family, and marriage therapy

As Christian Counselors, We affirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the healing process. We emulate the person of Jesus, his longsuffering, kindness, and care for all people. We share the story of Jesus. The good news of Jesus affects mental health. His death and resurrection leads to forgiveness of sin, a new perspective on suffering, daily life, and an eternal relationship with God. Part of the Christian counseling process is learning to live in these realities.

Christian Counseling recognizes and helps those who struggle with God, His existence and connection to your life.

We affirm that all people have purpose and meaning to their life. Whether you struggle with anxiety or addiction, there is purpose and meaning for you, even in the midst of these. Your struggles can be redeemed.

Christian Counselors believe that change is not just sobriety or the absence of certain thoughts and feelings but a new and fresh outlook on your life, people, and God. View our about page to see a short paragraph on how we provide biblical care.

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