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Brian Dunn, LCSW-Supervisor
Christian Therapist in Fort Worth

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Brian Dunn Christian Therapist Fort Worth

Brian Dunn, LCSW-Supervisor

Counseling Specialties

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Career and Life transitions


Father and Child Wounds

Mood Disorders

Relationships and Conflict

Sleep-Related Issues

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Individual Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Family Counseling

Schedule Availability

Monday 12:00pm-4:00pm

Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm

Wednesday 5:00pm-8:00pm

Thursday 5:00pm-8:00pm

Friday 12:00pm-5:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm

If you are interested in scheduling a counseling appointment with Brian, click the schedule button at the top of this page. We hope to see you in the office.

 Counseling Background

Brian Dunn, LCSW-Supervisor is a Christian therapist in Fort Worth, Texas. He has practiced as an individual therapist and group facilitator for nearly 15 years in private practice, as well as in-patient and out-patient hospital settings. Other clinical settings and populations he has experience with include: TCU’s Counseling Mental Health Center, Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout the DFW Metroplex, Juvenile Corrections, Fort Worth Police Crisis Intervention Team, and Church settings. Current therapy related engagements include: Mental Health Education and Consultation in the media via Podcasts and News radio for FOX News, iHeart Radio, and SIRIUS XM, as well as presentations for Connections Wellness Group, a multi-location wellness center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Why He Loves Christian Counseling

Brian has always enjoyed stories of victory and overcoming. Being a part of peoples journey towards wellness and healing allows him to interact lovingly and strategically with each client’s experiences. It’s a joy when God allows people to walk with each other through the successes and challenges of this life. He would love to be a part of your journey, knowing that seeking and gaining wisdom from each other is essential for a rooted and growing  life. Here are a few of his favorite passages in Proverbs: 1:23; 19:20; 20:18.

Integrating the Christian Faith into Therapy

Although he has trained in CBT-Constructivism and Family Systems Modality, he practices clinically and professionally as a Solutions Focused type therapist. Likewise, he is well versed in Crisis Intervention and Trauma Informed therapies. The Bible is an excellent resource in all respects. He has also gained knowledge for counseling from Psychologists and Christian authors: Larry Crabb, Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Michael John Cusick, John Mark Comer, Francis Chan, Henri Nouwen and many others.

Counseling Education and Training

As a Christian Counselor, he offers therapy to men and women, college students and adults, 19 years and older, marriage counseling (pre-marital as well), and senior adults.

Family and Passions

Brian is married with three sons and loves life with them. Don’t hold it against him that he is from Chicago! Remember, it took Moses forty years to make it to the promise land, and he knows Texas is the promise land-here to stay. Outside of counseling in Fort Worth, he loves cooking healthy meals for himself and his family, staying active in the gym or outdoors, learning from others (books or podcasts), and taking on new challenges.

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