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Best Therapists in
Fort Worth Testimonials

We are thankful to employ some of the best therapists in Fort Worth. Our counselors are highly rated by pastors, mental health clinicians, and others.  Our testimonials reflect our Christian core values.

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Other Therapists Testimonials

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Joel brings great knowledge, experience, and care to his practice. Being able to work with and know him has been a great privilege. He adds dedication and compassion to the Christian counseling community in Fort Worth, and has a heart to walk through life with others as they discover how to heal and live well.” 

-Jeff King, LPC

"Celina is an exemplary therapist. There is a special quality in her that allows her to connect spirit to spirit in a way that clients are touched, encouraged, and feel known and understood. Her passion and fierce devotion to the best possible outcome for the client sets her apart. I have witnessed her interacting with people in such a way that a sense of joy is restored! Her happiness and confidence are not only inspiring but contagious. Everyone should be so blessed to have someone like Celina walk alongside them for any amount of time in this life."

-Angela Spearman, LPC


“Joel is kind, faithful, dedicated, sincere, and very relational…happy to call him a colleague and a friend.”

-Wes Bailey, LPC

"I always found Celina to be warm and caring. She truly puts her whole heart into treating and supporting her clients' needs."

-Kim Tullos, LCSW

What Fort Worth Pastors Say

“Joel is a very caring person whom I have had the pleasure of working with off and on over the past 8 years. He is compassionate especially because he realizes and communicates our universal need for grace and forgiveness well-including his own. I have personally witnessed Joel being used in many lives to bring the hope of God’s truth." 



“Simply put, Joel is a great listener. He patiently takes in what I am saying and asks thoughtful questions in a way that consistently points me back to the solid truths of who God is and what he’s doing in my life.”



“As a pastor, it is incredibly helpful to have a safe place to process those seasons where life can be overwhelming. Joel has been there since the beginning of my journey in ministry and I have many reasons to be thankful for him.”


What the Best People Say About Our Counselors

 Crystal is a knowledgeable and skillful counselor. She is kind and caring. She is thoughtful and intentional with all her words. One of the many things I am thankful for is all the tools she has taught me to cope with my anger and anxiety. I know at the end of the day she is committed to seeing me achieve my goals. Because of crystal I have grown as a person.

-Isaac P.

Brian has helped me through the challenges of my life. Each interaction with him is followed by new advice and a different perspective on how to handle my problems.

- Josh A.

"Sherena is a wonderful listener and does a great job offering advice, counsel, and resources. She helps you understand the “why” behind what’s happening in your mind and brings great practical and spiritual advice."

“Joel is a man of God who genuinely loves to serve others without asking for anything in return. He listens with compassion, without judgement, and he shows unconditional love to everyone in his surroundings. Joel is an excellent Christian counselor in Fort Worth, TX, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

-Josh P.

"Celina, thank you for all you have done!!! You have made the biggest impact of everyone we have seen!! We appreciate you!"


“I leave feeling more secure & loved by God after every counseling session with Joel! There is no one better at listening and counseling with Biblical principles rooted in the gospel.”



Brian offers amazing insight to help guide my faith and come closer to God.


“Joel is so easy to talk too...very helpful. Especially that he is one of the few really good Christian counselors in Fort Worth.”


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