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Trauma Counseling and
EMDR Therapy in Fort Worth


Providing Trauma Counseling and EMDR Therapy in Fort Worth

We offer trauma counseling and EMDR therapy in Fort Worth. Trauma is something that happened and/or happens that is not and should not be normal to the human experience. Trauma can be confusing. “Why does my body feel this way, here, and not there?” “I wish I didn’t react this way.” Some people can think of a time where they went through a big “T” trauma or a small “t”. A big “T” trauma is likened to an event or something that threatened your life. This could be a car crash, war, catastrophic event, sexual assault, and the like. A small “t” trauma may be continual neglect from a familial relationship, financial distress, and previous home relocation. We can help you begin to live out of your design when things have been difficult. We offer Christian Counseling as well as EMDR therapy in Fort Worth for individuals, marriages, and families going through difficulties due to trauma.

Individual counseling may identify previous situations, relationships, circumstances, acute or chronic, and the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physiological responses to these. After identifying, Counseling will help you carefully grow through these experiences.

Marriage counseling for trauma may identify abuse from one spouse to the other. This may be acute or chronic. You may be the offender or offended. We can help with both, providing practical tools to engage the other, leading to a healthy marriage. Traumas may also involve counseling for infidelity and miscarriage.

Family counseling for trauma may provide practical tools in order to support the member who has experienced hurt. You may be in a position where you are not sure how to help. Blended families and those with adopted children may need counseling if one child is showing signs of unusual behavior or isolation.

Trauma Counseling in Fort Worth

 Common symptoms for those struggling with Trauma related Issues

  • You are the only safe person you know

  • Heightened panic in certain situations

  • Relational stress due to emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual abuse

  • Feeling like you are different now due to an event that happened

  • Exaggerated self-protection from others or certain people

  • Extreme anger and you feel like you know why but can’t stop

symptoms of trauma


 Celina Stelly  and Sherena Holmes specialize in helping those with trauma related issues. Sherena is trained in EMDR therapy as well. Click the schedule button to begin the counseling process.

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Resources and Helps for Trauma Related Issues

Counseling Resources for Trauma

There are many good books and short-reads out there on Trauma. Here is a list of resources that provide some insight and hopefully some help for you from a christian perspective. 


Is it Abuse? A Biblical Guide to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims by Darby Strickland

Darby is a leading biblical counselor on the topic of abuse. This is a great book for anyone, especially wives, geared to walk through a potential abusive relationship.  


Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores by Diane Langberg

This is a highly rated resource written by a great Christian counselor. She provides a helpful biblical framework for the reader. 


The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van Der Kolk

One of the top contributors in Trauma, Kolk, a psychiatrist, offers over 30 years of research. The book can be read by both clinicians and clients. It is very helpful in understanding trauma and its effect on the body.

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