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Whether your question is about christian counseling, specialties, the change process or other related things, fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with one our therapists, click the schedule button at the top of the page. For Faqs and cost of counseling, visit our Faqs and Fees page. Want to see which therapist is a good fit for you? Visit our therapists page.  

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Directions to Cowtown Christian Counseling

Park in the Six story Woodcrest Capital building parking lot or in the parking lot behind 7 eleven. Walk to the West side of the building, facing University Drive, and enter the building. You will see a restaurant on the first floor. Take either of the elevators to floor 4 and have a seat in our waiting room.

If you are coming for your first session, please fill out the forms sent to the email used to schedule. 

Thank you for Visiting

We appreciate you visiting our website. Be sure to check out some of our favorite resources and helpful reads at the bottom of each specialty page. We hope to see you in the office soon.

Cowtown Christian Counseling

3113 South University Drive

Suite 406

Fort Worth, Texas 76109


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