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Group Therapy and Counseling in Fort Worth

illustration for 6 people in group therapy in fort worth

Our counselors and therapists provide professional and Christian group therapy for divorce support, pornography addiction, and social anxiety in Fort Worth. We have groups for both men and women.

Divorce Support Groups in Fort Worth

Divorce can be difficult, and finding someone to talk too, sometimes harder. Our practice offers Christian divorce support groups in Fort Worth. We offer care for those currently going through a separation, finalized a divorce, or dealing with wounds from one. Our counselors recognize the importance of being careful with your experiences while also providing hope. We have both a female and male group.

Pornography Addiction Group Therapy

Cowtown serves Fort Worth with group counseling and therapy for pornography addiction. Our counselors provide direction, hope, and practical steps to overcome this struggle. We currently have an adult men's group.  We will learn from each other and carefully integrate the Christian faith. This group lasts 12 weeks. Handouts and homework will be given throughout our time together. Come experience freedom in community. 

Social Anxiety Group Counseling

Social Anxiety is common. We understand a group counseling setting can feel intimidating. Our therapist will help you feel at ease. You will be able to work through social settings, learn new skills, and care for others. Anxiety therapy topics will serve as talking points for each session. We look forward to seeing you thrive.

How Our Fort Worth Group Therapy
and Counseling Work

Sometimes group therapy is a better option than individual counseling. We cap each of our groups at 6 participants. Size is important. Too big and it can feel intimidating. Too small and one may lack a helpful perspective. We do our best in providing a caring environment for you to grow in community.

Each group is different, covering distinct topics. We will guide you in discussion and processing during each session. Cowtown Christian Counseling hopes you experience care from the other participants as well as the facilitating therapist. There may be handouts as well. For more information, send us an email at

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