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Help for Dealing with Sadness

Illustration with text of Help for Sadness

Most people don't want to feel sad. Why is this? Sadness means you have lost something or someone which you cannot get back. This is a common emotion in dealing with grief.

How do You Deal with Sadness

How do you deal with Sadness? Think about this. People tend to apologize for a tear in their eye saying, "I'm sorry (for crying)". It seems difficult to feel sad around people. It's as if you should be happy instead. But should you feel happy when you lose a job you love or a family member?

You should feel sad. Sadness should not be treated like an addiction, as if sobriety is the goal. We would like to encourage you; there is nothing wrong if you feel sad when you think about loss. In fact, we would rather you feel sad than angry or anxious.

Help for Sadness

A helpful way in dealing with someone's sadness is to sit instead of fix, to ask and not assume. When you try to fix sadness, you reveal your assumption, "You should not be sad." This could be verbalized or implied. Normally this is implied. Rather, ask questions about her experience; this helps you understand meaning and allows her to lead you.

As mentioned above, sadness is not intended to be fixed. With anxiety or anger you might be able to believe, behave, or think differently. Sadness is a reminder of loss. We do not fix those who weep. Rather, we weep with those who weep.

God and Feeling Sad

Be encouraged. You are more likely to trust God when you feel sad than when you feel anxious or angry. Sadness says I can't change what happened. Therefore you are in a place to trust.

We would love to walk alongside you if you are experiencing grief. Our practice offers quality grief counseling in Fort Worth.


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