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Forgiving God or Forgiving People

forgiving people illustration

When is it easy for you to forgive someone? Think about it. Maybe a waiter messes up your food order; that wouldn't (and shouldn't) keep you up at night!

If it's easy to forgive, it's probably because you either don't think or forgot about what happened. It doesn't necessarily mean you forgave because you forgot though. If it's hard to forgive, then you realize it's a choice.

When is it Hard for you to Forgive

How do you see people? As God? Imagine if God sinned against you. Would you forgive him? Probably not. Who forgives someone who is perfect? When you see your spouse, friend, sibling as God then it makes sense you don't forgive her. You should not forgive a perfect God (person) who sins against you. Therefore, It's hard to forgive when you see her as God, perfect.

Before you choose to forgive, choose how to view her, as God or someone who needs forgiveness by God. If she needs forgiveness by God then remember, God is choosing to forgive her.

Question to consider:

  1. Do you see your spouse, friend, or family member as God or as a person who needs forgiveness by God?

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