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Anxiety and Slowing Down

Illustration for anxiety and slowing down

Anxiety Wants to Speed Up

Anxiety wants to speed up; let your mind figure it out and let your body feel it out. If you are anxious about an upcoming trip then you are thinking and feeling it out. Or maybe it's about seeing a person, leading to the same experience.

So where does God show up with anxiety? Maybe you treat God as a coping mechanism. You might tell yourself a bible verse or listen to worship music to potentially calm down. What you are doing says something has to change. But does your situation actually have to change?

What has to Change when You are Anxious

When you are anxious, what has to change? First, Slow down. Think about this for a moment. Depending on the situation but generally speaking, God does not have to change anything. Think. There was not that much difference 10 minutes ago when you were not anxious. In your mind, you're thinking, "I just don't want to be anxious?!" Connect this thought to what really is going on. Listening to worship music will help in the moment but it's not going to change God's reality; you're still driving to that person's house and will be there in 7 minutes. Slow down. You can do it.

You are quicker to slow down not the faster you are to cope, but the quicker you recognize reality in the moment; in other words, slowing down leads to recognizing reality quicker! The reality is that nothing really needs to change right now. Ok, You just arrived at that person's house. You are still anxious...but nothing really needs to change. When you slow down, you recognize nothing really needs to change, even if you are still anxious.

This takes time and practice. God is with you. He will help you slow down.

Help For Anxiety

Cowtown Christian Counseling provides anxiety counseling in Fort Worth, Texas. Our therapists will graciously and carefully walk alongside you in your journey of healing.


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