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Christian Counselors
for Fort Worth

Cowtown Christian Counseling was founded to serve Fort Worth and other surrounding communities with counseling rooted in God’s word, connected to your experience, so that you may feel grace, know love, and experience freedom.  

Our Therapists

Click on the counselor and therapist below to review his or her profile, educational and professional background, specialties, and schedule availability. For information regarding our fees as well as frequently asked questions, please visit our Fees and Faqs page.

Sherena Holmes, LPC, EMDR

Brian Dunn counselor in Fort Worth

Brian Dunn, LCSW

Celina Stelly Female counselor Fort Worth

Celina Stelly, LPC-Associate
Supervised by Jennie Fincher, Ph.D, LPC-S

Joel Peterson Counselor in Fort Worth

Joel Peterson, LPC

Crystal Shi Counselor in Fort Worth

Crystal Jing Shi, LPC

Professional Counseling Background

Our team includes male and female therapists with diverse backgrounds: ministers, missionaries, residential treatment counselors, and the like. We have distinct educational training including professional counseling and clinical social work. Be sure to visit our specialties pages, where we cover the potential process and overview of individual, marriage, and family counseling, symptoms, helpful resources, and recommended Fort Worth counselors and therapists for each.

Counseling and Therapy in
Fort Worth

We love serving Fort Worth with Professional Christian Counseling. We know you have a choice; Fort Worth is home to many counselors and therapists. Our passion in listening intently, loving generously, and counseling truthfully is foremost. We love our city. Our office overlooks central Fort Worth, with scenic views of TCU’s campus. Scheduling is easy. Click the “Schedule” button at the top of the page to start the Christian counseling process. We hope to see you in the office.

The "How" of Therapy

Our Fort Worth therapists provide the client with a caring, non-judgmental, and uplifting professional relationship. We integrate truth and love, listening and speaking, connecting and counseling, for the purpose of building you up. To learn more about our approach, please visit our page on Christian counseling.

Continued Education for our Counselors

We are required as counselors and therapists to complete continued education, as noted through our licensing board with the State of Texas. If you have any questions regarding our providers, please give us a call.

Our counseling is influenced by multiple organizations including: American Association of Christian Counselors, Association of Biblical Counselors, Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, and others.

Schedule Availability 

We offer counseling and therapy from 7:00am to 7:00pm, and even on the weekends. Hopefully we can be flexible with your schedule.

Looking for a career as a Christian Counselor?

Occasionally we hire new therapists for our Fort Worth office. We may or may not be currently hiring. Please send us an email to if you are interested!

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