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Struggling with Pornography: Temptations and desires

Many in recovery from pornography can honestly say that it has become easier most of the time to deal with desire and temptations. You have probably heard people say that they used to struggle with it. If you ask, “How did you stop?”, you might get 10 different answers. I want you to know that learning to deal with temptations and desires for pornography does get easier over time.

I’m sure you noticed that “most” was italicized above. This is because sometimes temptations and desires can feel very strong at any given time. Just because this desire is the strongest it has been in months does not mean I am not changing or going backwards in recovery though.

God uses Experiences to help with Pornography Addiction

God uses experiences to change me and not just ‘aha’ moments. “I have changed if I am not struggling with this anymore!” This emphatic, often thought, not verbalized- statement is common for all of us, emphasizing change happening through immediate sobriety and not necessarily a process.

Temptation and desires are normal human experiences. I do not necessarily change out of these. Every time I am tempted or have the urge to view pornography, this experience is part of God’s plan to change me. Being open to change through experiences (and not just ‘aha’ moments) allows me to respond to temptation and desire, instead of feeling taken off guard when they come or feeling shame for having the desire.

Some questions to consider:

  1. How do you feel when you are tempted?

  2. How do I think change happens in regards to pornography?

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