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Cowtown Christian Counseling in Fort Worth, Texas

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Our Mission for Counseling in Fort Worth, Texas

 Cowtown Christian Counseling in Fort Worth, Texas exists to guide, process, and strengthen individuals, families, and marriages with therapy skills while being rooted in the Bible. 

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Christian Counseling for Fort Worth

  • Christian counselors practice counseling from a Christian perspective. Fort Worth is home to many counselors but few offer therapy rooted in the Bible. Learn more by going to our page on Christian Counseling.

  • We connect emotional, mental, and spiritual health. While engaging each is part of the process, carefully connecting these leads to change. Learn more about the individual, family, and couple counseling experiences of clients by visiting our page on Testimonials

  • Conveniently located in Central Fort Worth, close to TCU's campus

What Our Counselors Believe About Healing

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Our counselors believe healing for counseling issues occurs by carefully integrating best practices for mental health and faith. By doing this, you will experience positive behavioral change, an improved mood, and purpose in life.

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Core Values
Christian Counseling

Our first core value: feel grace. No matter what you are going through, God approaches you and your experiences with grace. We do not rush the change process. Our team will extend grace from the first session through the last. It is a privilege to serve Fort Worth with Christian counseling. 

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From Jesus’s fullness, we have all received, grace upon grace.

-John 1:16


Neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God.

- Romans 8:39

Secondly, we believe in the importance of love. From repairing broken relationships to engaging in new ones, relationships with each other and with God take time. Our therapists will graciously walk alongside you.

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Lastly, we hope that you experience freedom. You might look at a situation differently, have a fresh perspective on life, walk in renewed sobriety, or experience a redeemed marriage. We would love to help you through any life circumstance. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our practice.

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Much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign through Jesus.

- Romans 5:17

Counseling Fort Worth with Services Provided by Quality Therapists

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Cowtown loves counseling Fort Worth residents with mental health services provided by quality licensed therapists. You may schedule an appointment in our local office or request a telehealth appointment from the comfort of your home. Overall, we appreciate the many North Texas clients who have entrusted us with their emotional, relationship, and behavioral struggles.

Each counselor and therapist specializes in individual, family, couples, and marriage counseling services to support the entire family with emotional, mental, and relationship needs.

Meet Each Therapist

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We have multiple LPC's as well as an LCSW-S on staff. Each therapist is professional, relational, and licensed in Texas. Our specialized team will guide you in achieving your goals.


Cowtown understands coming to therapy is a step towards change; This takes courage. We will meet you in your hurts, life transitions, and difficulties, walking you step-by-step toward healing. Read a short snippet of each Fort Worth counselor below. 

Crystal Shi, LPC is an expert in anxiety, grief, relationships, and parenting. She has a wide variety of experience in many settings. Her clients range in age from 14 years old to over 70. Crystal is easy to talk to, understanding, and full of wisdom.

Emily Cinque, LPC is a skilled therapist in helping people work through depression, women's and adolescent issues, relationships, and parenting. She has a wealth of experience in private practice and school counseling settings. Her clients range in age from 6 to 50 years old. Emily is an approachable, intelligent, and graceful counselor.

Brian Dunn, LCSW-S helps clients struggling in relationships, ADHD, addiction, anxiety, and life transitions. He has worked in different roles in the mental health field for many years. His clients range in age from 18 to over 70. Brian is a knowledgeable counselor, outgoing, and personable.

Sherena Holmes, LPC, EMDR works with clients experiencing trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression. She has served all over the country as a licensed counselor in different settings. Most of her clients range in age from 14 years old to over 70. Sherena is empathetic, knowledgeable, and practical.

Joel Peterson, LPC is an expert therapist in dealing with pornography addiction, anxiety, relationship struggles, life transitions, and OCD. He has served in different roles in the mental health field over the years. His clients range in age from 15 to over 70. Joel is down-to-earth, relational, and well-learned.

Individual Counseling and Mental Health Care

Cowtown's counselors offer a Christian perspective on individual therapy services and mental health care. You will meet one-on-one with one of our trained Fort Worth therapists. Through the process, you will uncover personal strengths and areas of improvement. 

Many of the mental health issues we see include anxiety, depression, grief, OCD, pornography addiction, and more. View our individual counseling page to see a list of specialties and services. We are happy to come alongside you.

Mental Health Care for Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Our marriage and couples therapists assist with many relationship struggles. These include infidelity recovery, growth in communication, parenting, sexual struggles, and more. View our marriage counseling page to see our specialties.

Family Counseling and Mental Health Care

One of our Christian counselors will meet with you and one of your family members. Some of the things we tend to see include conflict, communication, and members having different worldviews from each other. Visit our family counseling page to see a list of things we counsel.

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Read our

Whether you need encouragement or wondering what we’re about, feel free to read our blog.

Our counselors in Fort Worth write about topics involving anxiety, pornography addiction, depression, OCD, relationship struggles, and spiritual issues.

 Cowtown Provides Therapy Services in Fort Worth, Texas for Many Psychological and Relational Struggles

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for Anxiety

Our clients often struggle with anxiety, which manifests as stress, worry, or anxious thinking. Anxiety therapists in Fort Worth have dedicated a webpage to provide a comprehensive understanding of treatment for anxiety, as well as resources to help cope.


Ultimately, identifying and reframing contributing thought patterns and behaviors leads to long-term relief.

Counseling for

Depression counseling treats those who feel down, have a low mood, and think about their purpose in life. These are the more common experiences with Depression. Christian therapy integrated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is helpful for a depressive mood, providing practical tools while learning to view life as God-designed.


As a result, your life will regain vibrancy; You will savor simple pleasures with newfound joy and gain an appreciation of the world around you.

Comfort during Grief
and Loss

Grief and loss is painful. We pray that you experience the love of God as well as comfort through the process of healing with grief. Talking with someone can be uplifting while also providing direction. Our therapists will give you both.

Freedom from
Pornography Addiction

Porn addiction is a common issue. We provide practical tools, encouragement, and a careful look at your life story to bring about healing. Uncovering the reasons behind this struggle is essential. Our counselors are happy to help.

We offer therapy services in Fort Worth, Texas for many psychological and relational issues. Our faith-based counselors can help you with each therapy topic listed below. Overall, Our counseling services are professional, practical, and encouraging. Cowtown would love to walk alongside you.

Working through Anger 
and Conflict

Anger and conflict are difficult things to navigate. You may feel justified in your anger and feel like you need to change, all at the same time. We can help you work through these, providing expert treatment for anger management.


Our counselors will teach you effective coping techniques as ways to deal with your mood. Check out our specialty web page on this mental health topic.

OCD Therapy

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is a common psychological struggle. Symptoms may include intrusive thoughts about cleaning or fear that you might do something you don’t want to do. Our Fort Worth counselors would love to help you experience freedom from these things.


Overall, Our approach of carefully integrating biblical principles with Exposure Response and Prevention therapy (ERP) techniques leads to long-term relief. 

Learn Parenting Skills

Parenting can be stressful, but you are not alone. Sometimes you may speak harshly to your kids, and other times you may be uncertain how to respond.


Our counselors will walk alongside you, teaching you parenting skills for your children and teens. View our parenting specialty page to learn more.


We all have Relationships. Some are good while others are difficult. We can counsel, encourage, and teach you to have strong healthy connections with people. Please reach out if you feel stuck as an individual, couple, or family.

EMDR Therapy in Fort Worth

Trauma from past or present hurts can feel overwhelming. We offer cutting edge EMDR therapy in Fort Worth. One of our goals is to help you experience relief from triggers in order to enjoy life again. Our team will walk alongside you during the healing process.

Group Therapy for Relationship or Addiction Issues

Cowtown Christian Counseling offers Group Therapy for Pornography Addiction, Divorce Support, and Social Anxiety. A community approach to change is helpful and supportive. Relationship issues and sexual addiction are common struggles. Our counselors offer groups for both men and women.

What Other
North Texas Counselors 
Say about Cowtown

Graphic with text of North Texas Counselors talking about Cowtown

“Cowtown is one of my top recommendations for clients seeking Christian therapists in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Their counselors have varied expertise to deal with many issues. Cowtown has contributed to the support and success of other North Texas clinicians, including myself. Overall, they are trusted colleagues and referrals.”


-Carrie Breedlove, MS, LPC with Breedlove Counseling in Lake Dallas, Texas

Carrie is the leader and facilitator of the largest Faith-based therapist network in North Texas.

"Cowtown Christian Counseling is a local referral to me because its counselors combine professionalism and quality care in treating each client. I always enjoy catching up with them!" 

-Lauren Dunn, MS, LPC with Lauren Dunn Counseling in Fort Worth, Texas

"Covenant Christian Counseling cannot recommend Cowtown enough! They are our go-to referral in the Fort Worth area. We love partnering with them, as they are Godly and skilled counselors." 

-Covenant Christian Counseling in Denton, Texas

What Clients Say

"Sherena has been a blessing for me. She has a knack for gentle guidance, the ability to open life views, and a loving personality. I appreciate her keeping the 'Big Picture' in mind while helping muck through the details of daily life. As a result, I am empowered to be a stronger me with Christ as the base."


“Working with Crystal has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I knew right away that I had found the fit I was desperately searching for! She listens, encourages, challenges, and equips you with tools to fight what life throws at you with a Kingdom perspective. I have come to understand my identity in Christ and confidence in the calling he has placed on my life. Her care is professional, efficient, and kind. I leave each session feeling empowered to do the work and dive deeper into what we discussed. Working with her has been one of the best things I’ve done! Grateful is an understatement.”

"I would say the ability to get an outside healthy perspective is extremely helpful. It is also helpful to have a faith-based counselor who can guide me with the Lord. Brian can give counsel without bias and in an impactful way. Couldn’t recommend him enough!"

My daughter is finishing up her time at TCU, and began meeting with Emily during her sophomore year of school. She recently finished her last session with Emily, and I wanted to write and say how grateful we are for the incredible counsel she has given over the last few years. Through our daughter's counseling experience we have seen her transform– from a very low point, to a place of strength, resilience, and confidence in who she is in Christ. The transition from high school to college proved to be a challenge, and we knew right away that investing in Christian counseling was invaluable. We can never really thank Emily enough for her counsel during this season of my daughter's life!

“My counseling experience with Joel has been the most helpful thing I have ever done for my mental health. He continues to point our sessions back to Christ and reminds me how mental health and spiritual health are intertwined.”

Be sure to view all of our testimonials from pastors, therapists, and others by visiting our Google Business page.

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Learn more about our compassionate team of professional counselors . 

Coaching Church and Ministry Leaders in North Texas

Artwork with graphics and text of Coaching

Our practice also coaches church and ministry leaders in North Texas with therapy skills. If you are interested in learning how to serve your ministry participants, please reach out. This is a free consultation for ya’ll! 

 All you have to do is send us an email. Share the ministry or church you represent as well as a brief snippet about the help you need. We do this because we often coach ministry leaders and hear their concerns.

Help for Questions on Many Issues

We can help leaders with questions on how to serve those struggling with many issues. These include: anxiety, addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, and marital or relationship struggles. Our coaching will be informative, guiding you with good questions to ask as well as practical advice.

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Resources for Mental Health

Our licensed professional counselors in Fort Worth have many helpful resources for mental health. These are listed on each of our specialty pages. 

We highlight top-rated books written by professionals. Topics covered include: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Marriage Counseling, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Parenting, Pornography Addiction, and Trauma. The resources we provide are encouraging. They give you an uplifting perspective on behavioral, mental, relational, or spiritual concerns.

Have Questions?

For general information about counseling, like our frequently asked questions as well as cost, please visit our faqs and fees page.

Please contact us for a free 15-minute consultation.

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